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Knowledge in the Digital World

You run your business.
We operate your systems.

Never before have we known so much and at the same time so little. While the possibilities of accessing available knowledge have multiplied exponentially in recent years, the work and decision-making situation in companies has also become increasingly complex. Information overflow is a phenomenon that is commonplace today.

Classic information management aimed to create, organize and store available information so that employees could find it quickly and use it for their work.

Today that is no longer enough. Information should be directly usable for decisions and present itself context-related. New insights, which would not be possible without this system support, are to be generated by automatically discovered connections and cross-references and thereby new knowledge is to be generated. This applies equally to structured data and unstructured information, so that not only statistical and stochasistic procedures are required, but also the processing of natural language data streams plays an increasingly important role.

In addition, there are the challenges of the freedom of new disciplines to make their own discoveries in their data sets, and the challenge of higher regulatory density due to the growing focus on prudent handling of sensitive and personal data.

This task, which requires full attention to IT systems, organizational concepts, an agile understanding of implementation and a feeling for user requirements, is certainly not an easy one.

ISR has demonstrated this intuition and the ability to implement it well in numerous information management projects. We can always reliably combine technologies of all kinds to valuable project solutions. Please contact us for the implementation of your information management request.

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