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Managed Hosting with Amazon Web Services

You run your business.
We operate your systems.

Competent support instead of "Do everything yourself"!

Hosting the IT infrastructure via Amazon Web Services (AWS) - that sounds great! No matter whether it concerns servers, back-ups, operating systems or storage. But who will then be responsible for the integration and operation in the company? Since 2017, ISR, as a specialized partner for companies, offers the service of implementing and managing hosting solutions via AWS in addition to the IT infrastructure . First companies have already decided for the service at ISR and do not have to worry about these processes anymore.

Customers have several advantages. First and foremost there is flexibility through scalability: Depending on individual requirements, the performance can be quickly increased to guarantee a fast and smooth operation. Due to the holistic support, fewer errors occur and problems are detected earlier. Of course, an important aspect is cost efficiency, which is achieved on the one hand by paying only for what is really needed and on the other hand by saving resources. This allows the specialists to focus on the tasks that are critical to the company.

Typical applications include replacing the local data center, setting up an experiment environment or simply operating a company's systems and applications.

Do you still have questions on this topic? Feel free to contact Michael Sidon directly by e-mail at

+49 (0) 531 1208-0