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Working in a Digital World

You run your business.
We operate your systems.

What happened so far

Value-added work has undergone unprecedented change in recent years.

The digital systems that have become widespread in the world of work since the 1970s have helped automate many activities, securely manage business transactions and bring the productivity and speed at which value is created today to unprecedented levels.

The price is an ever-increasing complexity, which in turn must be managed by companies and is contrary to the increase in productivity.

What is happening now

The services of the digital era, which have gradually come onto the market in recent years, are changing business models. Product automation is evolving into product customization. Every customer must be served in every transaction according to his preference, otherwise he jumps off. This is the downside of the coin: thanks to the greatly reduced entry costs, anyone today - and this is quite literally meant - can be the competitor of tomorrow who attacks his own business model through better services.

Nothing remains as it was - the concrete design of value creation shifts to the strategic level, and constant redesign of the business model becomes the everyday business of the entire organization.

It is not for nothing that the employee competes in the organisation with the customer for the centre of attention. He or she is the engine of change, deciding more than ever on the success or failure of a customer transaction with his or her personal competence and motivation. No wonder - markets are conversations - and more and more often between real people.

Our organisational efforts must therefore move away from series concepts towards individual attention, but always with the goal of group success. Success is controlled by self-monitoring, not by announcements from the management level. Employees need the right tools and structures that they know and can use and that work in conjunction with others in and outside the company.

What will happen in the future

Innovation becomes a quality feature - processes are important, but no longer decisive. Cultural processes come to the fore as success factors and must be integrated into the organisation. Culture is behavior, and behavior determines success. It is not knowledge but skill that must be managed.

"Lot size one" will continue to spread and become a commodity. The resulting oversupply with falling prices will place new demands on the order possibilities of relationships, conditions and results. Artifacts that accompany a business process become more fluid and transportable. Blockchain technologies send the first premonitions about the direction in which transaction systems will develop.

These transitions will take place quickly but unevenly. Until then we will still experience many process, system and data transformations.

We at ISR keep our finger on the pulse of the times and look to future developments to be able to draw up a roadmap for your success today.

Chief Digital Officer
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