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Agile Solutions for a Digital World

You run your business.
We operate your systems.

As private individuals, we are used to handling a variety of slim, attractive and high-performance apps to satisfy our diverse digital and real needs. When we go to work, however, we often find software and workflows that seem to come from the last century.

For us, digitization is a new way of seeing and designing processes in the company. If we see employees of a company as "consumer customers", we can also take a new look at the market for enterprise software: Customers have become very demanding and there is a lot of competition. To survive successfully here, enterprise solutions must be viewed from a broader perspective than before and stand out positively through optimal technology.

Why should companies give way to this new market view? Because it reflects customer expectations that cannot be ignored. Companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb and others have recognized the benefits of responding quickly to customer needs and made IT implementation the core of their business strategy. Their success proves them right.

The traditional software business still looks different today - CIOs and board members opt for "enterprise software", even if the experience gained from many major projects generates skepticism. Systems in this category are expensive, implementation takes a long time and many promises cannot be fulfilled. Of course, these systems have their place in today's organisation, but new approaches need to be carefully considered.

The core statement of the agile point of view: Employees cannot be forced to use centrally planned software sensibly. They want to do their job performantly and pleasantly, too often the large, badly adapted enterprise systems stand in the way. It is in the nature of things that the search for workarounds then begins. Therefore, it is better to lead and support this search than to fight it.

Three aspects must be taken into account if this change is to succeed.

Employees are like customers

The employees as the most valuable part of a company? This position can be found in most corporate statements. This means they can be treated in the same way as customers - you look at how they work, accept their expertise and the tools they use. This includes above all those employees who do not come from central IT. Here companies can learn which tools are really essential.

When we support customers in their development, we take the lead and advise them for their best. We can do the same with our employees. Long waiting times for desired functions should be a thing of the past. Fast, focused solutions to acute problems can be created quickly and enable immediate recourse to them.

Using the right technologies

Amazon is expanding its IT capacities every day by approximately the amount of infrastructure that the company needed for its entire business in 2004. This amount of technology entering the market leads to an explosion of services designed to meet customer needs faster. These services are highly scalable, secure and always available - more than most enterprise IT operations can offer their employees today. They solve most difficult problems in a simple way with modern algorithms such as machine learning.

These services must become part of our operational infrastructure.

Accept development

"If we only had time to plan and design properly, our projects would be much better.

This belief still applies to an infinite number of corporate projects today. We are getting better and better in planning and design - only the result of the enterprise efforts is often the same. Delayed, inappropriate, unstable software that does not achieve or even reduce the desired benefit.

If we accept that the perfect solution does not exist, we can start to quickly bring simple solutions into the (internal) market and to improve and change them again and again - as the rapid change in business requirements develops. The integration of development and operation into an eternal creation deployment feedback loop is a major step in this direction and helps us to become productive faster.

ISR has known the enterprise market for 25 years and is constantly driving innovations in its own company in order to adapt and test developments in the solution business and make them operational for customers. Please contact us if you want to further develop your company digitally.

Chief Digital Officer
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